Aggregate Arts

Our Story

concrete flowercloud patternred petals on gray

How We Started

Aggregate Arts was founded in February of 2021 by Mark Larner and Becky Bedford, with one thing in mind: Make fun, unique and affordable concrete products. We wanted to fill the gap between the common boring concrete offerings and very expensive architectural concrete.

attractive woman making colorful concrete

Our Process

All of our products are hand poured, hand etched and hand finished. We use a combination of modern additives, steel and fiber reinforcement, and as many color pigments as we can get our hands on. We strive to make products you need with a fresh fun look.

Our Goals

We want to provide local backyards, restaurants and other small businesses the ability to personalize or even show off their brand in concrete. We want to bring colorful patterns and the solid look and feel of concrete to those who want something they’ve never seen before.

If you have an idea for a patio table, cement top computer desk or a wild patterned outdoor BBQ countertop and you want us to build for you, please let us know.

Every concrete item sold by us is handmade by us in Bakersfield, CA.